Payment Policy

Customer Service Contact Information

Customer service contact for JourneyTools is provided via two different ways. The first option is to call the JourneyTools customer service phone number at 719-387-1783. The second way to contact JourneyTools customer support is via email, by clicking the "Contact" link on our website. The user will be directed to a "contact" form on the JourneyTools website so that they may describe the issue and/or question they have. The form will be sent to JourneyTools via email. JourneyTools will then respond to the customer email within 24 hours.

Return Policy

JourneyTools sells software and services. Additionally, JourneyTools provides clients with solutions to help them sell their products. Finally, JourneyTools provides technology consulting. Sales for these services are not returnable.

Refund Policy

Once a service is purchased and completed, the sale is final and a return, refund and/or cancellation is not available. However, if a customer purchases a service where delivery has failed, then JourneyTools will provide a full refund for the purchase of the service to the customer within 5 business days.